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Film company, photography studio and puppet theater, Blue Iguana Pictures is from the mind and eye of John Burr Jr. and friends. Blue Iguana Pictures is fueled by local artists and the adventures which constitute their daily lives - offering a unique perspective of the surreal extreme.

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"John Burr Flamenco Guitar Live at Tipitina's and Other Recordings"

To order a copy, send a request along with your address using the "comments" box and we will send you a copy and bill at $12 each.cdforweb

"BARBIE AND THE COP" made it's debut in the world famous international "Short Film Center" annual film festival in Goa India and will also be featured in this year's Amelia Island Short Film Competition February 26th 2010.


The Artists

John Burr

Founder Artist, Director, Photographer, Musician, Designer ... more

Nina “Double Cell Phone” Nichols

The heartbeat of Blue Iguana Pictures. Editor, Director, Writer, Constructor, Puppeteer and Barbie Double ... more

Miss Michael Quintana

Dancer, Choreographer, Designer, Model, Director, Photographer, Sexpert ... more

Alleyn Evans

Photographer, Printer, Designer, Beauty, Musician and Constructor - The Soul of Blue Iguana ... more

Paulie Lingerfelt

Painter, Gaffer, Artist in General, Jukebox Junkie and Dance Animal ... more

Anne Burr

Choreoghrapher, Dancer, founder of the Anne Burr Dance Company ... more

Courtney Lain

Romance Expert, Octupie enthusiast, Musician, Director of Herringbone Orchestra and Musical Virtuoso ... more

d. Coen Michaels

Digital Artist, Writer, Painter, Technical Director, Father ... more